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I shouldn't have to be making this journal...
As some of you know a couple days ago I had to deal with someone tracing the LDC Application for the second time now and tried to sneak in an uncredited base. This has prompted me to say something because it it not the first time this has happened. It's not a huge big deal I'm just tired of it happening.
Please please PLEASE: Do not trace anything or steal from anyone. I encourage you above all else to be original, my friends. We're not here to judge anyone's artistic ability we will accept anyone who is kind and fallows the rules here That being said we have never and will never encourage uncredited bases or tracing/stealing artwork. It is absolutely unacceptable. If you have done this I urge you to take down and correct whatever it is you have done then move on. If you haven't, good on you. It's all about honesty, trust and the ability to be mature; when you trace or steal and try to sneak it in thinking someone won't notice all that is lost. In the case of LDC any violations such as
:iconlavenderdiamondcourt:LavenderDiamondCourt 4 4
WAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by dogrocket WAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :icondogrocket:dogrocket 317 16 book by satrn book :iconsatrn:satrn 427 10


Butterflies and Blades
This is a drawing of my avatar from the mobile MMORPG, Logres, which is my new obsession

The title is a joke about what my main weapon is, A White Butterfly Demon Blade
The class I play is Samurai because I like having Agility and Matk more than anything else
Extreme Flower Picking
I'm in an art slump
My style has dissatisfied me as of late
I need criticism about it
yet I don't get it

This has my yet to be named persona, whom I call Deluge for now, in it
And she needs a name

Yes, she does have horns, one of which is broken(the right one) and her right eye is a blue rose, being that her eyes are blue
She has white hair as well
I'm sad I didn't notice that I passed the 69 deviations mark

Guess I'll have to wait for 666 mark
|MDC| Black Jade App.

Edit- Fixed the wonky eye

Name: Black Jade
Nicknames: Jade, Thorn, Seamstresses
Gem type: Jade
Gem Location: L5 of the spine
Height: (Compared to a canon gem) about the size of peridot with limb enhancers

Weapon: A needle slightly shorter than herself
Rank: Supervisor
Job: (What EXCATLY do they do?) She helps out Pho in training soldiers and sometimes acts as a healer
Special abilities: (Other then typical gem stuff)
She has healing abilities, more emotional healing than physical 
She is really sensitive to negative emotions(she can sense them, if that makes sense)

Personality: -Jade is quiet as can be, she is a calm and collected gem with a good control over her emotions
-she seems really cold and apathetic most of the time, but she just doesn't show emotion that much.
-She's extremely respectful, even to people in lower ranks than her
-she is entirely different in battle, she is skilled with her needle in combat and sometimes goes overboard
-she may seem likes a pushover, which sometimes she is, but she's most likely not
-She is bad in social situations
She is negative if people are feeling negative because she is easily persuaded by others emotions
Origin: (We're they made on Homeworld or in Magenta Diamond's court?) she was made on Homeworld

Fun facts:
She uses her needle in different ways, she can use it as a rapier, as a spear, she would use it as a bow if she had string and some arrows

Her only friend is Pho, and I made them different in many ways for irony

She can heal for one reason only, and that is because I did some research on black jade…

She is only a supervisor for her healing powers, and the fact that her gem is on the rarer side, but not as rare as aristocrats or the grand council

She is inspired by some roses, due to the fact that her original weapon was going to be a scythe, so she would be a healer that danced with death, so I thought that roses fit that pretty well, that's also why she looks like she's wearing a dance dress

Her hair is inspired by the newer Nurse Joy designs in 6th gen+ of pokemon
Loading...…<--- a sweet raffle by the amazing artist Debtly


Tsun-Akuma's Profile Picture
Queen Tsunamii
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
"I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process." -
Vincent Van Gogh

Welcome fellow sinners. Tis I, Queen[A.N.:Queen Tsunamii]!
I'm a filthy book worm who decided to write one themselves[A.N.: I have a Wattpad for that]
I'm a mute who is a sucker for good stories with pure romances, sometimes not so pure, but it still counts.
I'm a fan manga, but not the filthy anime trash, I'm not a weeaboo[A.N.: Blame my past and my Weeaboo friends who I accidentally got into anime]
Blame my older sister for everything I do.
I'm a cynical piece of shit with an offensive humor.
I'm an agnostic atheist, but that does not mean I hate you for your religious choices, I just think your wrong, but I won't bring it up.

My To-do list-
Write the 1st chapter of Horns of Nira
Make an open species sheet for **spoilers**
Make an icon for myself.
Make commissions available
Finish **gemsona**
Read Game of Thrones
Be an absolute observer for people in my classes

My YouTube-…
Want to chat?-

I'm too poor to buy a Core membership


Tsun-Akuma has started a donation pool!
1 / 4,000
Don't know why you would want to donate, my art is not very good, but I'll accept them and be very thankful
My actual reason is for saving up for a core membership

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